Conscious Sedation

We’re one of the few centres to offer a conscious sedation service, which is provided by ANESNUBA ( anaesthetists. It is the perfect option for patients who are nervous, anxious, have dentophobia or would simply like to be extremely relaxed during their dental procedures.

What is conscious sedation?

It is a type of sedation that reduces a patient’s sense of awareness and pain perception in a controlled way, keeping their vital signs stable and meaning they are able to respond to verbal and physical stimuli. Breathing is spontaneous and heart function does not change. This depressed level of consciousness is achieved by administering intravenous drugs and is always performed by a doctor who specialises in anaesthetics and resuscitation.

Is sedation dangerous? Who performs the procedure?

It is an extremely safe and widely used technique; we have a large team of anaesthetists at the clinic who can perform this procedure. We are also one of the few clinics to have every relevant permit issued by the Regional Government of Andalusia and first-class, next generation monitoring technology and equipment.
The anaesthetic service is provided by ANESNUBA, and you can find further information about the company here:

Advantages over other types of sedation that are not administered by an anaesthetist:

Highest possible levels of wellbeing

You will have the highest possible feelings of wellbeing, turning your procedure into a relaxed and comfortable experience. The drugs we use give you a level of sedation that cannot be achieved in any other way.

Your own personal anaesthetist

You will have a personal anaesthetist who will be with you all time ensuring your safety, and who, thanks to his knowledge, will be able to adjust your individualized dose to achieve the greatest possible sedation.

Safe procedure

Safe procedure, you will have your respiratory and cardiac functions monitored by an anaesthetist, to be able to treat any event.

It will reduce pain and inflammation

By having venous access, we will administer intravenous corticosteroids and anti-inflammatories, which will reduce the pain and inflammation of your dental process already at home. As well as administration of intravenous antibiotics that will greatly reduce the chances of a possible infection.

Positive and pleasant memory

At the end of the process you will be able to go home with complete peace of mind and, most importantly, with a positive and pleasant memory of your experience with us.

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