Today, patients who visit our clinic are looking for healthy and functional teeth and mouths, but also want procedures that achieve the best aesthetic results too.
All patients may be given this type of treatment, the only condition is that they have good oral health first.
Cosmetic dentistry has evolved rapidly in recent years and some of the most common procedures are:

    Veneers are coverings made of composite or porcelain that are placed on the visible side of teeth to improve their position, colour, size or shape.
    Tooth whitening brightens the colour of teeth that have lost their natural whiteness due to the passing of time, smoking tobacco or using tetracycline.
    Dental reconstruction may be performed for health reasons i.e. due to cavities or fractures, or for cosmetic reasons. When reconstruction is cosmetic, it is commonly used when a patient has a slight gap between two teeth or would like to make minor changes to the shape of a tooth.
    Crowns or caps are used in several different situations. For example, they are needed when the patient receives a dental implant and the natural tooth has to be replaced. A crown is also inserted when a patient’s original tooth is extremely damaged or weakened, and the crown is placed on top to protect it. This treatment is often applied after root canal surgery.

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